Moving outlook post Covid

Since the Brexit Vote in 2016 and former President Trump’s stated desire to have US companies operating in Europe return their bases to US soil, there have been signs of reduced demand for International moving services. Add to the mix, the COVID19 global restrictions and it is evident that the industry has been severely shocked and stunned. But for all that, there have been opportunities arising for local, domestic, and commercial moving.

There have been few moving company casualties along the way and now with vaccine production and distribution, President Biden in the White House with a more progressive outlook, the moving industry is looking forward to a strong resurgence as pent-up demands are given free range.

Multinational corporations are beginning to look more closely at where key personnel are based and where their skills now need to be deployed for maximum effect, as a strong push for profitability and performance optimisation returns globally.

From a private mover perspective there is a strong desire amongst diasporas to return to their home countries to be close to family and friends. COVID 19 has given expats a shock and a new perspective on living abroad. Conversely there are people looking to the countries that have handled the emergency with determination and resolve (maybe New Zealand and Ireland as examples) and looking to move to find a safer haven for their children’s future. Rural and Coastal living are high on movers’ preferences as home working is more available and desirable and this does not require city living.

Looking ahead I believe that there will be a strong and robust demand for the international moving of household goods and personal effects. The “economics” of relocating internationally remain in a state where shipping household and personal effects is more cost effective than disposing of the items at origin and purchasing new at destination.

That is not to say there will not be challenges. The global supply chains for Container Shipping are in a state of chaos as the traditional shipping lanes have been disrupted with an urgent need to get all available containers to Asia for the supply and shipping of PPE items to the whole world. Shipping personal effects via air freight is also still an option though the demand for international air cargo services is also experiencing supply and capacity problems forcing air rates inexorably higher.

My final piece of advice is to plan early, book your move through a reputable and accredited mover, (IAM and EuRA) and pay close attention to the customs requirements at your destination port. Ports are congested and the financial penalties arising for slow transit through port systems can be onerous. Compare the various quotation you receive to ensure that there are no un-necessary exclusions that can be problematical late in the process.

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